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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

.Phuket - Day 2.

So, on our second day, we wake up early and grab a breakfast at the hotel (Nipa Resort). It was supposed to be a light breakfast, turn out hmm let say I already had a big appetite that morning. Beside, everything's tasted better when it's holiday right? ;p
The breakfast buffet was ordinary with bread station, carbs and protein station (french toast, fried egg, etc), salad station and dessert station. Here's Mr Chubby's favorite sandwich, Ham and Egg :P
I found anything made from fruits and vegetable was very delicious. I was curious how they made Banana bread? It's fluffy, moist, and very fragrant! My friend said because they are using 'special' banana..if you watch what we watch the night before, I think you would understand :P 

And the jam! A friend of mine ever said that usually the jam was home-made because the fruit quality in Thailand is very good. True or not, either way the jam selection was very satisfying! And don't let me start on the butter.........darn I forgot to stole some, it's not available in Indonesia :( The honey was also good, it's not overly sweet and very light, yum...Even the fruit salad was much better here! Is it because of the holiday? I'm biased :P

So that's why I ended with a big breakfast instead of the light version. After that, we went to the beach.
 One thing I found on Phuket was their transportation was very unique, most of the car were double-cabin type, or 4WD type. No wonder almost all cars were Mitsubishi or Isuzu. I even found Pajero Sport as a taxi :P
 And I think they loved Ice Cream since I found many ice cream stall on the street!
 There's many dogs also on the street...
 Che on the taxi..
 The beach! :D
 Hello from Mr Chubby!
 The sea was on tide (I don't know how to say "air pasang" in English), so the wave was big...it's scary :(
 Found this flower on the table..
 Another dog we found.
Huge rambutan! Tasted like Rambutan Ropiah in bigger size, wooo! :D
Gorengan seller..hmmm :P
Btw, their electricity installation is crazy~!
crossing the street on zebra cross..Good dog!
Found a stall sold this huge stove filled with Pork..woo :P
Another dog, he seemed very peaceful right?
Chikuza, tasted like green tea + soda , me likey!
I regret why I didn't try any mango in Phuket? :(
Btw, here's their iconic Tuk-Tuk!
We went to the James Bond Island afterwards..we're using the long tail boat. It's crazy, the water keep on rushing into the boat, soaked us like it's raining -_- The island was small, and the wind was very big. I could feel the sand hitting my feet because of that, I never had that kind of sensation before.
After that, we went to another boat at Andaman Sea and some of us taking canoe session. I did not take any since I was too hungry :( hiks
Sitting by the deck for some sunshine and cold drinks...the view was very calming.
Here's the long tail boat we used..every boat has cute flower, I wonder if that means something?

Next, lunch! yay!
Lunch was at Panyee Restaurant, the menu was simple, tom yum (as always), some fried seafood, some vegetables and fruits to finish.
Another ice bucket! :D Btw their coca cola tasted like coca cola zero here... :(

After we back to the main land, I found a stall sold Nestle ice cream. Can you imagine Nestle made ice cream, how good is that? I grabbed the last milo cup , for only 30B! It was very very very good....it's creamy, very milo-y (of course), and has milo bits in it..if only it's available in Indonesia :(

We went to monkey temple afterwards. I did not take much photos there since I didn't want to disturb the monk.
After that, we went back to the hotel and get refreshed for another show : Phuket Fantasea

It's a theme park, like Dufan in Indonesia, but only opened in night and they only have 1 show. The place was very cool and neat! It's like Universal Studio. I never thought you can find this kind of place in an island. You can't use any camera (even phone camera is not allowed) in the show, but they provided locker to put your personal belongings. The show itself was a bit weird for me, but they really made a good show that show Thailand's culture mixed with magic and music. Real animals like elephants (around 10!), chicken, goat, bird, etc also got role in the show!

I really wish Indonesia tourism could be taken this serious. I do.

Cute statue eh? :D

There's only 1 ice cream sold in the theme park, Movenpick.
Pop corn! :D
Bling2 Inara :P

Dinner was at Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant. It's a very big restaurant!

I don't know why all I could remember from the buffet were the bread and butter. I remembered I smeared a thick slab of butter onto the crisp bread........hmmm heaven :) the fries was also good too!
Noodle with some protein on it...it's cold so not my kind of food :(
Miss H's first plate, consisted of tumeric rice, tofu (cold and weird), fried chicken (very alike Old Town's Fried Chicken!) and some meat I couldn't remember -___-
The papaya and mango salad was quite good and refreshing..
I love Hakka's Beef Meat Ball Noodle..it's very fragrant with spices..
My second plate, consisted of fried chicken (obviously because it's glorious), fries, bread, some chili sauce and pork.
Duck with Hoisin sauce was very chewy :(
I didn't try any dumplings.. Mr Chubby said it's okay.
Mr Chubby's favorite : Fish Meat Ball noodle!
The dessert section was lovely with several cakes, self-service ice station, and some sweet porridge. We were almost late for the show, but I managed to taste the most delicious coconut cake, sticky date brownie, dried fruit cupcake and banana cupcake. All of them were amazing! Makes me wonder again, where was the banana from... :P
Mr Chubby bought this, cute eh? Btw, he's also a sucker for anything's cute, like me :P
I forgot to buy this cute fork set :(
hehe love this elephant expression :P
This was carved soap, can you believe it?
Transformer Inara on the toilet..

After the show, we went back to the hotel. I didn't have much energy for another walking round, too bad :( But we managed to try the durian there! :D We got a not-so-ripe durian so it's not overly sweet but after a long day, I'm up to anything sweet :)


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