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Thursday, July 05, 2012

.Sa Rang Chae - Revisited.

Just a quick post from my lunch few weeks ago. It was a catch up with some of my ex-workmates, so we chose our favorite Korean restaurant, Sa Rang Chae :D
we want to steal the tea bottle and the cutlery hehehe.. :P
 Banchan! :D --my fav was the black bean mochi :P--
 Kimchi...their kimchi is spicy!
Our favorite Jab Chae, 90K was glorious as usual. It's light and fluffy, it has balanced sweet and savory taste ..yummy :P
I ordered the Ojingeo Bokkeum 120K, a stir-fried seafood with spicy sauce. I thought it will be arrived in a hot plate, apparently I ordered the wrong dish :S but it's still a good dish! Their Gochujang is spicier than other restaurant :P
Miss L ordered the Sundubu Chigae, 65K. Unlike the tasteless version from Chung Gi Wa, their version was tasted more sour and spicy. A bit reminding me of Sayur Asem (Indonesia tamarind soup) or Tom Yum.
We also ordered the Jeyuk Bokkeum 100K, it's the same with Ojingeu Bokkeum but it's pork instead of seafood :P
And of course, Daeji Galbi, 90K was a must order for us! Those sweet spicy ribs was very yummy..

Especially paired with the sesame oil and glorious gochujang...dip the meat onto the oil, wrap it with the greens, add some sauce, and there you go,....heaven on your hand ;)

Sa Rang Chae
Ruko Paramount Centre A No. 15
Ph : (021) 70336902

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