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Thursday, July 05, 2012

.Island Creamery.

After the big lunch, me and Mr Chubby continue our venture to Flavor Bliss. I already bookmarked this place in mind since I saw it on Anak Jajan's blog. Finally! :D

   The place has fancy interior, they even have a very cute table for children, me likey :D
They served many unique ice cream flavors, from Nutella, Milo, Tim Tam, Peanut Butter, to the Black Bean. Sorbet also available for those who's in diet, that day they served Mango and Strawberry.
Beautiful cake display :D
I was about to try one or two scoops of ice cream but I don't know why I ended with Mud Pie, 36K. It was an ice cream cake topped with Oreo cookies. I don't know which one is the ice cream, but I remembered it had cookies and cream (I supposed it should be the white layer), ReverseO and another ice cream I forgot. If you love dark chocolate, you'll love it! :D
I was also eye-ing the sundae, so I ordered Kiddy Power Snack Sundae, 36K for Mr Chubby. It contained 2 scoops of ice cream (vanilla and millo, you can only replace one flavor) and some cereal (milo and coco crunch) and topped with fresh whipped cream and an astor stick. 

The milo ice cream was a not-so-creamy version than the nestle cup I had last month in Phuket, but it's quite good. I chose to replace the vanilla with rum and raisin flavor ( my friend recommend this) and boy, that was the best rum and raisin ice cream I ever had. It has a very generous amount of golden raisin (CMIIW), and the rum was very subtle so if you're allergic with alcohol, beware. The fresh whipped cream also to die for, I dislike any cream actually but for this light and fairly-sweet cream, it got my dispensation.

My only comment was if only they were not that far from my home hiks....
Island Creamery
Flavor Bliss Ext Kav.11 
Alam Sutera - Tangerang
Ph : (021) 29005040 / 41

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