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Thursday, July 05, 2012

.Phuket - Day 3.

On our last morning (hiks T.T) we went to the beach once again, and went back to the hotel for some swimming time and packing our luggage. We were picked up around 11 o'clock, and went straight to the restaurant for lunch. It was located at some alley, I forgot to ask the name, but it seemed like it's a small hotel.
 cute art installation (?)
Our lunch consisted with spring onion omelette,  seafood curry with bean, salad, tom yum (again!), some sautee chicken with onion, sautee kailan, and fish cake. All of them tasted okay for me.
 Karon Beach view from the top...
 we also went to visit some more temples...
 And honey factory!
 We also given some samples, I love the honey since it's not overly sweet and light.
 Bought home a bottle of that :)
We also visited Cashew Nut factory :) Tried the apple rose juice, tasted very nut-y with a hint of bitter, a bit reminding me with beer :P

Went back to Bypass Seafood for some dinner.
 Indonesian attitude :P
Honestly I don't remember what we had since all of them were very mediocre food despite the very good looking apperance T^T

Rushing back to the airport to catch our flight. But apparently, our flight got delayed. So there we were, looking for another dinner (just another excuse to have some food). I chose Subway since I never tried it and Burger King's price was crazily expensize (almost 3 times Indo price!).
I chose the classic Subway Club. The toasted sandwich was super B! No wonder it has many fans..
 The oatmeal raisin cookies was quite good too!
 My friend ordered a tuna salad, and it was massive portion!
Btw, I tried the Lipton Peach Ice Tea there, yum yum...It's also not available in Indonesia (so far that I know) :(

That's it for my short trip...sorry I don't write too much, got too lazy to type anything lately :(


irene said...

i love subway!! di sydney sini itu populer bgt hehe

SeorangPrempuan said...

kenapa ya nga masuk indo :( kemahalan kali ya :(