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Thursday, April 16, 2009

.16 April 2009.

People, i need inspiration!

Although i am being busy all the time, i would say i never lose my inspiration most of all. But this time, i'm on the edge, man. I felt bored with all my crappy things i called photography. I need drama in my life, huh? I miss having a crush with a man, the dag-dig-duer things in my heart, the smile in my face each time i saw him, ahhh i want to fall in loveeeee !!

Anyway another rant, i never thought people that always talking about lens and other equipments do exist, well except the camera store sales or else. But this week, i do know that they are exist! and real! and haunting me. whew T^T

Lately, I am thinking for taking a break, from the whole thing called work life. My doctor said i should be relaxed, everything's normal, and all the BP things happen because of my stressed brain. I've been doing my job with normal speed, I do not take my documents back at home and work again, I've been taking my medicine, I've been work out, I've been happy, and still my BP doesnt go back normal as it should be.

I'm wishing for 2-3 days free time, have some retreat in a far away land, with my camera and my no#1 to-do-list is just having a relaxing spa or massage with lavender aromatheraphy, or reflexiology, perhaps? Ah and dont forget the background music must be something calm, moody and jazzy :) Ah maybe I'm just dreaming too much.

anyway i am on my period now, so i think this post is only a proof that my hormones is doing her job this month! :P

Well, catch ya' later! XOXOXOXO

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a seeker said...

hahahahah emberrrr.. hormones me hormones! cuti aje bentar... tar gw temenin maen maen.. ga perlu jauh2 menyepi ke gunung kok.. jadi? cabut?