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Sunday, January 29, 2012

.Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fat Chai everyone! :D How's your CNY? Mine, as usual filled with feast all day long :D Here's some pictures from my CNY Eve's dinner.
Started with Century Egg and Jelly Fish, refreshing!
Chicken Curry always showed up when CNY. I don't know why.
Sweet and Spicy Pork Ribs, yum!
And Pork Satay, of course. I seriously realized we barely touch the vegetable during this dinner. hehe..
Mom's Roasted Duck and Steamed Chicken :)
Fried Noodle also one of the dishes that always showed up on CNY.
My favorite, Ngo Hiong. or Pork Roll.
Paired that with mom's spicy sauce. Sickly addictive!
Fish and Prawns for dipping into the broth.. Too bad mom forgot to buy the mushroom >.<
Fish belly...........hmmm :D
And of course, something to lighten up the night :D

The week after CNY, my mom cooked another Suki again. This time she cooked differently.
It's mom first attempt to cook a tom yam broth :D I love it!
And of course mushroom showed up this time :D
Mom's also made the ordinary pork broth..
Mr Chubby happily diggin' into that huge chunk .......... >.<
Btw, mom's also cooked Drunken Prawns. It was super tasty! I was drowned with too much prawns in the end of the meal...

Don't forget to back on diet track everyone! hehe!

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Sweet and Spicy Pork Ribs bikin ngiler abis~