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Sunday, December 25, 2011


Mr Chubby and me went to GI on Christmas Eve for one aim : Marche. Since we're just having lunch at my home, we only order lightly. The restaurant interior was really cool, I love the market concept, although it makes harder to choose what to order for someone like me hehe..Too bad we can't take much picture due to the restaurant policy :(
Rosti seems to be the crowdest stall there, and I'm not in the mood for fried potato, but I surely would love to try it on the next visit :)
We started with Cream Parsley Soup (Large, 48K) and Salty Bread (12.5K). There are 3 kinds of soup that time, Cream Mushroom, Cream Parsley and Goulash Soup. All of them were tempting :( The soup, can I say....it was FANTASTIC. The best cream soup I ever had. It's thick, creamy, so potato-y, and the parsley...hmmm The Salty Bread was a good company to the soup.
Have I said, it was also filled with parsley? Totally fully loaded with parsley that day!
We also managed to order Pepperoni Pizza (Large, 59K). I also love the pizza, it's not to hard (like crackers) and it has the perfect thickness :) But still, the soup win my heart more :P
For drinks, we had Sweet Apple Ice Tea and Lemonade (Large, each 26.5K). My only comment would be for the cold drinks, since it's pre-made and each glass sitting on the bar for I-don't -know-how-long. But despite that, the service made up for it, they were happy to give us a glass of ice cubes for extra :D
I love the condiments on each stall. I managed to try the condiments from 2 stalls , the soup and the rosti. And can I say, I love them all? :D The soup stall provided 2 types of butter (the ordinary one and the seeded one --tasted like wasabi), croutons, and 3 kinds of seed I wasn't sure what it is, one of them I think was kuaci --I put them on the soup coz I love it! The rosti stall provided chili and tomato sauce, tabasco, fresh onions,lemon wedges, dijon mustard, sour cream, etc. I was in my happy place hehe!

The dessert section was also tempting, since it was Christmas, I went home with a Log Cake (not pictured, 40K). I was hoping for some spongy texture, but it was more like tiramisu with wet layers of chocolate cake. Not my kind of cake..

Overall, definitely will be back! :D


heavy hedonist said...

Ooh, Sweet Apple Iced tea-- sounds delicious!

Peace, Mari

SeorangPrempuan said...

it is! :)