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Sunday, December 18, 2011

.Chung Gi Wa.

Last week, on my birthday celebration, me and my family went to Chung Gi Wa. Actually I want to go to Sarangche, but since the rain pouring, I think it's better to stay at Jakarta. We went to Kelapa Gading branch, located at level 2 of Lotte Mart.

Upon arrival, we were given a set of banchan.

Sadly, only few of them were remembered by me -__-The vegetable pancake always loveable ! :D
I think it's groundnut, but they seem steamed it with some sweet sauce. I love it nonetheless :)
Fresh cut vegetables in some sauce (vinegar?) was refreshing.
Cute cup heh? :)
Jab Chae, 65K was a most-order dish on my list! The Jab Chae was good as expected :)
And what's better to start the feast than some grilled meat?
burn baby burn~

I don't quite remember what we ordered, some was sweet and some was savory. I think the sweet one please the crowd more.
Fresh vegetable leaf were given of course :)
We also ordered Dolsot Bibimbap, 55K. There were 2 types of bibimbap actually, the raw and the cooked one. I ordered the cooked one since my mom was not fond of raw food. It tasted..hmmm fresh but I prefer the raw one.
The bibimbap came with a bowl of this broth. I forgot the taste, a bit salty I think -__-"
We also ordered Sundubi Chige, 48K. It's basically a vegetable and tofu soup. It looked spicy but actually it tasted bland :(

Btw, more meat pictures :P
Those bone made me want to eat them!

Overall, I think if you are craving for some Korean BBQ, Chung Gi Wa could be your choice, since the meat price was not as high as the other Korean restaurant. But since I am more into Korean dishes than the BBQ, I think I prefer the Sarangche.

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