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Sunday, July 22, 2012


I just got back from a short trip to Pramuka Island. My skin is quite tanned right now, and I got several bruises on my hand and feet, but I'm happy :D Thank God the sun was shining bright, so we can do some snorkling session :) The island was very small and humble, but the residents were all very welcoming :)
We were using public boat to go the island. Actually we were supposed to use a private boat, but some guy broken down the engine on the boat, so we were using this boat instead, some called it ojek antar pulau. The boat was crazy and hectic as hell, it's approx. 150 persons in it. I barely move my ass in 3 hours long. It's a very crazy ride.
everyone's looking forward for the lunch after the crazy ride..:D
after lunch, we went to the beach but wait let's shoot some flowers ;)
The birds were pretty but the making process wasn't pretty..
So, to the beach we were!
Our guide found this cute clam, it's very big!
Having a glass of nutrisari after 3 long snorkling sessions is one of the best feeling in the world!
After the snorkling sessions, we went to a shark breeding place..Our guide said that in the past, we can swim together with the sharks. But it's prohibited now, I'm guessing maybe someone got bitten?
    scary right?
sea urchin!
had some ice cream to cold the day..and went back to the island!
The watermelon field beside my favorite warung. I am amazed they can plant watermelon on this sandy island. The field wasn't too big, but the local said last week they harvest 11 watermelons from there! woot!
Here's the lazy cat sitting on the bench...Btw, the cat population was quite big there, no wonder ;)
And ended the night with some BBQ ! yay to burnt marshmellow! I slept very well that night :)

On our second day, I was waking up early in hope for seeing sunrise, but the sun was shy that day. Me and Mr Chubby continue to browsing the island more..
The beautiful dock, look the sea urchins looked like a fish!
 found this lazy cat sleeping hehe..
smoking in happiness..
 my friend told me about this kersen fruit. It was the first time I tried it, it tasted like apricot / peach. I love it :D
 Here's picture of unripe kersen.
 breakfast! :D
After breakfast, we went to turtle breeding place on the island. During the walks, we found this HUGE anchor. Can you imagine how big the ship is?
visiting another beach..
mini turtle
 I felt sorry for this big one, he lost his right hand :(
more mini turtles
 The man who guide us was very kind, he kindly asked us (especially if we are using SLR) to shoot the turtle, he even offering us to documented the birth of turtles!
the turtle's egg shells..
 say hello to the world baby! :D
more with his friends! :D

After that, we browsed again through the island. I found many fruit trees grow here :)
another karsem..
 mango is everywhere, we even could pick this by hand!
 rose apple..

We went home afterwards..with the same boat. The only let down about this trip was this boat :( But anyway, here's some of the snapshot I got.

So that's it for today post! :D