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Sunday, September 25, 2011

.Manon Chocolatier and Patisserie.

Tempted by Anak Jajan's review about this store just when I around the corner, I went there immediately :P The place was big, and filled with beautiful cookies, chocolate and cake. I was in heaven I guess :P
The pastry section was half-empty when I arrived. I only bought Apricot Danish, 9.5K. It was not as good as expected. They put lots of liquid (jelly or something) on the pastry so it looked too 'wet' for me. It's kinda reminding me of Ciputra Bakery cake, they also love to put that on their cake too. Harvest's version of fruit danish was much better than this. Maybe I should try the drier croissant, like butter croissant.
The macarons section was big. They have full rack of different flavor and I was tempted to order them all, just for my curiosity. But I managed to get only five of them, each 6K.
I got Key Lime, Rose, Coconut, Blueberry and Cream Cheese, and Pistachio.

Key Lime - it was fresh and airy, and the lime gave a tangy hint on the end. It was easy to eat, not like any macaron I had before.

Coconut - the coconut flavor was subtle, you can taste it on the cream. And I think they put some real coconut in it, the texture was different than the others.

Rose - sweet but nothing rose-y for me.

Blueberry and Cream Cheese - it was great, the cream cheese might not show off, but the blueberry wrapped the macaron really well. Beside the color combination was the prettiest one :)

Pistachio - the best of all :) thank God I ate this the last. It was crunchy, not overly sweet (like Delifrance's pistachio version) and really good.

Gosh I should bought more. I think I'm gonna go for tiramisu or vanilla-lemon flavor :P

Cupcake! I almost got 1 for myself until I realized I should not eat this....The icing was dangerous haha!
Another batch of beautiful cupcakes.....
Arrays of beautiful cakes....I did not get any. Not a really fan of cake :)
But I kinda tempted by this. I forgot to take closer picture of that HUGE macaron cake. I wander how it tasted :p
Cake on the fridge...
The green tea and blueberry tempted me!
They also put trays of cookies on a big table. God knows I was weak on this point. Got myself an Almond cookies. And a Financier. I almost add Madeleine on the list, but they only had chocolate-covered version.
The Financier tasted fine, more like a pound cake with a hint of cinnamon. I haven't tried the cookies yet :P
The cookies display.

They also sell pralines. I did not pick any of them, next visit I hope.
They also sold coffee, but I did not find anything that reminds me of cafe interior. Maybe on the 2nd floor?

Overall, I think it's good to find another french bakery on Jakarta. The price was not as high as I expected and the branding was good too (I love the brochure! <-- sucker for anything blink blink on a paper), I should be back! :P
Btw, another picture of macarons won't hurt :P


anakjajan said...

wah di Manon udah ada cupcake yah, kemaren itu belum ada. Kemarin sempat tanyain lantai 2nya masih office katanya, belum ada cafenya

SeorangPrempuan said...

ooo mungkin dia akan bikin cafe kali ya (ngarep) , yg pasti tokonya bikin ngilerrrrrr bangetttt :P

anakjajan said...

benar sekaliiii, bikin kalap mata hahaha

Agni Giani said...

uwwooo macaroon nya... bikin ngilerrr *lllrrr*