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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Look at this cute birthday cupcakes I got for Mr Chubby :) Both of us LOVE Doraemon hehe...

Cupcake from Fleur Cakes.

.Raja Sunda.

After the big lunch, we went to Riau for shopping time :D We're planning to go back to Jakarta at noon, but Mr Chubby suggested us to have dinner at Bandung first. So after a recommendation from a friend, we went to Raja Sunda, right before the Pasteur Highway. I realized I've visited this place quite a long time ago, and I remember they served quite good dishes.

We were a group of 9 and I'm not feeling too hungry, so we ordered 2 packages (each for 4 persons), each of them about 200K (CMIIW).

I love their cute utensils!
The rice came in this small dandang :)Kangkung Oncom was delightful, a bit spicy for some people, but cooked well and it's still crunchy :)I don't remember why I don't eat Tahu Kipas, they looked good though...Ayam Goreng Mentega was much better than the previous we had at Sixty Cafe hehe...Udang Masak Kecap was too salty for me...Ayam Goreng Kremes was good!Those chili was addictive!
I was scared when this Gurame Terbang served on our table, look at his face! >.< But it was gooooodddd....My favorite was the Grilled Fish, served in a cute grilling place, the fish was fresh, sweet and tasty. One of the best grilled fish I had in a while! Another cute jar hehe..btw crackers is for free, woohoo!

Overall, I think they served quite good Sundanese dish, and the price was cheap, no wonder the place was always packed with people :)

.Snacking : Chocolate.

Not exactly related with Valentine's day but I found myself munching anything chocolate-y lately :)I LOVEEEEEEEEE this cookie since a long time ago, but the price is keeping me from having this biscuit frequently -__-Does anyone still remember Apollo Wafer? They had 2 flavor, milk and chocolate. My favorite was the milk one :)Had a chocolate bar from a work colleagues...it's so creamy and good...Another cookies jar from Eaton. I think it's the same with their macaron shells. It's melted in your mouth type of cookies :POkay not chocolate related, I quit from my comfort zone (a.k.a. Chatime Roasted Milk Tea) and ordered a Matcha Latte with Coconut Jelly. It tasted quite good actually, but the matcha powder taste keep lingering on my tongue afterwards. Thank God I only ordered it in regular size, I think I preferred my usual Roasted Milk Tea.

.Sixty Cafe.

The week after Sukabumi trip, we decided to surveying Bandung area. After visiting GH Universal Hotel, we went to Sixty Cafe around Naripan area for another food test. This time we were given 2 courses, Asian (72.5K++ / pax) and Western (75K++ / pax).

The first to arrive was Asian course. Crab and Egg Soup; it's delightful. The crab was generous and nicely seasoned.Ayam Goreng Saus Mentega; I couldn't find any butter nor margarine existed, instead we got a stack of dry chicken with a pool of oil on the bottom. It was so bad T^TDori in Spicy and Sour Sauce; It was fresh, and the fish was nicely battered and combined with the spicy and sour sauce, yum !Sauteed Vegetable; I love this simple dish, it's humble and sweet :)Black Pepper Beef; It was different than the ordinary black pepper beef I usually had, it was light-battered and fried before mixed in the black pepper sauce! Nice combination! It was my favorite among all the dishes:)We also given with this Red Dragon Smoothie for palate cleanser during 2 courses. I love the smoothie, it was very fresh, but a bit too sweet for me :)

The second course was western cuisine.The Cream of Chicken Soup; It has nice thickness but it's too milky for us. Beef Stew; I like the sauce but too bad it's undercooked (for some people) and chewy.Chicken Piccata; The batter was rustic and easily fall down from the meat, so no this is not a good fried stuff. The sauce was quite good though. Seafood Stew; I love this dish, it has the right balance of meat and cream. All I need is some bread to soaked all the sauce left in the plate.

After the two courses, we decided to took the Asian course over the Western one, since it was good and easily accepted for most people.Btw, my Peach Ice Tea was good :DTeh Tarik was ordinary.Lemon Tea was sour, real lemon yum!I also scored Durian Ice Cream this time! woohoo! :D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

.Snacking : Cookies.

Just a quick update on my snacking list :D
Got this cinnamon + taro cookies from my aunt..funky taste!
I love this almond stick from Eaton. 1 word : Addictive!Actually, my current favorite snack was this : Sarang Burung Drink with Juhi hehehe..

.Marche : Revisited.

Friday lunch time! :DDrooling everytime I passed this bread and soup area..E picked Lunch Set for Friday : Rosti with Salmon Carpaccio + Soft Drink / Tea for 55K. Good deal. I never tried a rosti before, It tasted...a bit undercooked or is it the way rosti done? Not my favorite -_-I chose their Homemade Pasta with Chicken and Mushroom in Tomato Sauce. I never had a pasta this bad. Seriously bad. It's tasteless, and the pasta itself was overly overcooked. The sauce did not even help anything. I even could not finish half of it. Shame :(E and me chose to share a Potato Soup, which so thick but could not compared with the glorious Cream Parsley Soup on my previous visit.We also ordered Garlic Bread, tasted fine.

I think I might me ordering the wrong dish, I hope I won't order the dish wrong next time, since the price wasn't that cheap to waste hehe..


I've been busy these past few weeks with office stuffs, especially about my company gathering. Me and the team has been surveying few places, this time we went to Sukabumi to visit Lido Resort and Pangrango Resort.

Lido Resort was okay, a bit too old for our taste, and it kinda remind me with Marbella at Anyer. But the room capacity was not enough for our company, so we had to put it off. The next resort was Pangrango Resort. It was big, also a bit old but the service was excellent. They even offered to try their dishes! And so we did... hehe.

We were arrived quite late because of the traffic, so some of the dishes were already been cold..Tahu and Tempe were ordinary...Chicken in Hot and Sour Soup was good, if only it was hot T^T
Pickles :DThe weather was really cold that day, so everyone took a spoon of Macaroni Soup with a smile, but too bad, it was overly salty huhu..This vegetable (I don't know the name) with mushroom was excellent! I rarely say anything about vegetable since I don't really like them but I still eat them for my health, but this dish was something I would rave about. It's really good, the texture was still crunchy, and the sauce..excellent :)Indonesian need sambal everytime!Finished the meal with pudding....not bad.

In the end, we did not pick Pangrango since the resort was quite old and the room wasn't comfy enough :( too bad :(Btw, on the way home, we managed to stop for durian time! Woohoo :D

.Siam Garden.

Few weeks ago, me and miss E was gonna get our massage session at PX, but before that, we went to Siam Garden for dinner.E ordered Soun Goreng Seafood, 30K. The portion was wise but they're just ordinary for me.I ordered Pad Thai, 36K. I was hoping it would be a good one, too bad it failed :( This one is no different than the ordinary kwetiau :( I always thought Pad Thai = ordinary kwetiau , but since Bangkok Jam I realized Pad Thai is no ordinary kwetiau, it's more fluffy and tasty, especially when mixed with the crushed peanut, sugar, chili and a wee bit of lime. We also ordered Perkedel Udang, 35K. Tasted like a frozen one :(For drinks, we had Ice Tea, 8K and Lemon Grass Tea,15K. Although I could not trace any lemon grass beside the fresh one placed on the glass, the honey mixed well with the tea.

Overall, I think this place was overpriced, don't think I ever come back -_-