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Monday, December 01, 2008

.01 December 2008.

Last weekend was a blast, i had hanging out with my school mates, what a lovely day :)

So, being busy for the last week doesnt mean that i dont do things as usual, like watching a movie. Instead, i bought 8 vcds last week, yay! And i got each for less than 20K! hohoho..

Well, anyway I've watched City of Ember.
I like the detail of this movie very much,no doubt for the Walden Media! A lil bit too serious for children audience..I had feeling that Saoirse Ronan will be the next Jodie Foster in a romantic way of course, she has an unique way to show us a dramatical situation and her eyes are so beautiful :)
Haha, old korean movie again. all i can say is The Perfect Couple is a nice movie for weekend, it's funny and totally wont make your tears falling like a river [well, if you can count how many tears i did when i laughed during this movie.]
I like Nicholas Sparks. I did. and I still do. I'm not a romantic person, but believe it or not,I've read few books written by him, and watched few movies too. and i like them.

But that wasnt happen with Nights in Rodanthe. Well, truth to be told is, it was too mendayu-dayu, and i keep thinking, did i miss something ? Is anything ever important from this movie? This movie hasnt ended yet?

I've watched Diane Lane before, and i know she can do better than in this movie :| Richard Gere, as always, is always tempting :P I dont know, i just dont feel anything 'click' in this movie. Come on, there was a scene when this couple almost ketiban by a big cupboard, and of course the guy saved the girl, and anyhow, they kissed and making out, with all the storm and winds hitting the villa [btw, the villa made me think about oreo always :P ], errr..dont you guys understand that there's a storm out there? The storm that will hit your villa till nothing's left?

Okay you can count me as a not romantic person, but i'm just being realistic this time, no?

Well, at least the soundtrack was great! And Diane Lane hits my heart a sec when she cries [oh i wont tell you why, I dont wanna be a spoiler!] Fyi, hearing Diana Lane's cry for almost 1 minute without any soundtrack..well a lil bit boring. Actually i like that scene, if the director really make it totally muted instead of no sound but Diane Lane's cry. But that's just me :)

Anyway, it's the first day of December, means that in few days i'm getting older. I dont know why, since few years ago, i lost feeling that my birthday is important. Am i getting that "old" or am i lost all my romantism in this life? ew none of them is a great choice though.

Blah! enough about the blah and the blurbs.

Have a nice day everyone :)

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