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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

.24 December 2008.

Well, tomorrow i am leaving. Bali i'm comingggg ! :D

Anyway, last weekend when i woke up, i realized my mom has cooked Onde - Onde. Okay, actually i dont know what it is, my friends call it Cendil, my mom call it Onde - Onde. Well anyway the thing is, if I see this is already in my home, means that Chinese New Year is coming :)

Another random pic that i took was this one. This is Lumpia, the wet type. Lumpia has 2 types, the dry one and the wet one [am i right using 'wet'? What i mean is Lumpia Basah].
Anyway, last night my boss gave me this as Christmas present, a box of chocolate from Hotel Mulia , yay! :D
So, this is my latest post before leaving, so Merry Christmas everyone, and have a blessed New Year!

XOXOXO, ciao.

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