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Saturday, December 20, 2008

.Little Penang, Pluit Village.

So, little penang has opened new branch at Pluit Village. I dont much into Penang Cuisine, but my sister insist me to try this Little Penang. We ordered Beef Sapo Rice[32K], Combo Sweet and Sour Fish [18K], Tuna Canai Bread [20K] and 2 Teh O Peng [11.8 K].

The Beef Sapo Rice was kinda dissapointed me. I think it tasted like nasi goreng tek tek near my house. Since I got sore throat for this past 2 days, I switch with my sister's combo meal. The combo was a great deal, it's only 18K and you got a plate of rice with some stirred chickpea with ebi, a bowl of chicken broth [it added with few small cherry tomatoes and green onion], a plate of sweet and sour fish, and a plate of deep fried potato slices. The Potato slices was great [how can you not be great with potato?], and the rest was so-so lah.

One thing that i really liked was the Canai Bread. The tuna filling was generous, and it was tasted super duper lovely. You have to try it, I definetely will be back for this Canai again!

And after few weeks, I went to this restaurant again :)
This time we ordered Set Penang A [98K], it's ok lah, worth with the price :)

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