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Saturday, December 20, 2008

.20 December 2008.

Last night, i went to Mega Mall again for shopping few clothes for my next trip. But what happen was, I ended buy 2 movie tickets for me and my sister, and dragged her to accompany me along few new restaurants in Pluit Village [hey, Mega Mall is not longer Mega Mall. They changed their image and named into Pluit Village!]

So, instead of doing some shopping things, i did watch Quarantine. I didnt expect much from this movie. But what happen was, this movie much more than my expectation. I did enjoy this movie alot. They shoot the scene using TV Camera [well the good one, not the handy-lousy-cam like in Cloverfield], and they using the documentary style type of shooting. I think if you can not handle this type well, it will make all the viewers had a headache, since the camera will spinning all around the scene. Well, in Quarantine the headache didnt happen :) The story itself was written in the movie poster. The poster didnt amuse me much, that's why i didnt expect much from this movie :P

Anyway, it's a nice movie if you want something thrilling for weekend :P

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