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Thursday, December 18, 2008

.Menu 1, Pluit Junction.

Gosh, i am so sleepy today -__-

Well anyway last week i dragged my sister to menu 1 at Pluit Junction. It was the first time I went outside for dinner after my illness last week.
So, I still have to eat porridge this time. I ordered Szechuan Fish and Vegetable Porridge 30K, Combo 2 Hainan [a BIG bowl of Hainan rice + Ginger Pork + Salad ] 28K, Fried Beef Roll 16,8K and Steamed Cheong Fan + Cakwee 15,8K.

I cant say much about the porridge. My favourite porridge is the one with good rice texture, and lots lots lots of water in it. I dont like the sticky and moist one like from Bun Ong, or else. And so does the menu 1's porridge, it looks like Bun Ong's. I dont know why I dont like this type of poriddge, maybe it kinda reminds me of oatmeal, bikin ilfil gitchu bo makan bubur kok kaya oatmeal -__-

Anyway, aside from the porridge's texture, the porridge itself was so - so. And so did the Fried Beef Roll, when it served on our table, it totally looked like gorengan abang2. The appearance didnt amuse me. Their hainan rice was quite good, but the ginger pork is totally kick ass. I really like the Ginger Pork, although it didnt look delicious at all.

And another kick-ass-ing dish, was their Cheong Fan and Cakwee. So, the dish was simple, Fried Cakwee, wrapped by Steamed Cheong Fan, added some sauce, fried onions and voila. What I really like was the sauce, since i was a little, I never knew that sauce made of what but it tasted damn good -__-

The Cheong Fan was amazing too. Sometimes i noticed there's a strange taste in fresh kweetiao, mie, or anything else made of flour. It tasted or smelled like too tepung, i dont know how to put this strange feeling in english. Pokoknya biasanya rasanya ada rasa tepung gitchu deh kalok makan kweetiao, atawa mie yang baru jadi. And the good thing, it didnt happen with the Menu 1's Cheong Fan. I never knew that cheung fan and cakwee was a good combination :P Oh and another one, the chili sauce. You really have to try it. Believe me :)

I think I'll be back later for their dessert, or their hainan combo, nga rugi 28K ude dapet nasi ama sayur lengkap :P

Anyway, if you want to visit this restaurant, do not sit near the kitchen. Why? cause you can hear all the purchase / restaurant staff's talking and screaming on your back. You never heard how a purchase staff did their job? Do not or you'll be sorry.

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