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Saturday, December 20, 2008

.Honeymoon Dessert, Pluit Village.

After our dinner in Little Penang, I think i need something's cold to serve my sore throat, so we went to Honeymoon Dessert. This was my second visit, my first visit kinda dissapointed me. At that time, i tried their mango puding [It tasted totally like cucumber, maybe that because it wasnt musim mangga], Watermelon something i dont remember, whatever coming out at that time, was a bowl of watermelon juice and ball-sliced watermelon. That's it? and it's cost about...50K or more. I dont think it's worthy enough.

But last night, being tempted by 30% they gave for their opening in Pluit Village [till 17 Jan!], I gave them a shot. This time, we ordered Grass Jelly and Mango [22,5K] and Durian Ice [30,5K]. The Grass Jelly was totally a kick ass! Yummy and tasty as well. The Mango was really sweet but I dont think it fresh, ada coklat2 gituh bekas dipotong ude lama terus d tarok kulkas, kaya buah apel lama gitchu loh..

The Durian Ice was nice, I remember my best ever tasted durian juice was in La Piazza. Honeymoon Dessert's durian ice was below the La Piazza's. Still it was nice to have a real durian juice with sliced cold durian in it.

Actually, I'm craving for their Durian Pancake, maybe later I'll visit this restaurant again!

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