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Thursday, August 04, 2011

.Bistro Delifrance.

When I had some sight seeing (read : drooling) through their croissant display, I saw a couple of macarons. As usual, I dragged Mr Chubby inside this place hohoho.

Closer look...

My beautiful baby...

I had a box of 4 macarons for 20K.

And a cinnamon croissant for 11K.

The macaron at Delifrance was different than Eaton version. It's creamier and sweeter and less crunchy than Eaton's. They even store this in the fridge. In the box, it's pistachio, lemon, chocolate and strawberry flavored macaron. Chocolate - it tasted kinda weird, but not overly sweet. Lemon - you can taste the sourness of lemon, but i was hoping for crunchier texture. Strawberry - too sweet for my liking. Pistachio - nice, the pistachio taste was there :)

But the cinnamon croissant was a disappointment. I was hoping more as this was a self-proclaimed french bakery, hence the name. The croissant was too dry for me, and it lost the buttery feeling which I usually had from pastry like this. The cinnamon put a nice fragrant though.

Overall, maybe coming back for another croissant (second chance is not a sin) :p
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