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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have to admit I have been eating food that not in my comfort zone lately. Like this one. Pancake has never been my favorite, I found they are tasteless, and weird to be eaten with ice cream. So does the waffle. What's the point of ordering a hot crunchy waffle when we placed a scope of ice cream on top of it? The waffle will soaked from the melted ice cream, and it will lost the crunchiness eventually. Plus they are overpriced. I'd prefer had a bowl of good ice cream for the price.

But that day, I was having a bad day at work, so I treated myself for something sweet. Sweetness bring me a smile you know? :p I did not know what in the world that bring me to Pancious, but well we managed to have a seat.

Mr Chubby prefer pancake, and I prefer waffle. So we asked can we had it both? And gladly, the waitress said yes. I did not want any chocolate or rich topping, so we chose the simple vanilla ice cream with mango sauce, topped with mango cubes, 34K.

The pancake was okay, a bit soggy as expected. But the waffle was yumm... I should ask they separated the ice cream next time!

As for the drink, I thought to pass my favorite mojito ice tea, and ordered Fruit Punch, 35K. This was everyone's favorite. I think it was quite good, not overly loaded with sugar and few fruit chops gave it nice colors as well.

Overall, Pancious always remind me of their signature blueberry sauce waffle, but I think they were more than that!
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