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Sunday, August 07, 2011

.Hakata Ikkousha.

Food bloggers sometime used 'food coma' phrase to describe the situation when the food was too good to be true. I rarely had food coma. But today, I definitely had it.

I was wondering about dinner when i realized it's too early for dinner and we were around Muara Karang area, so I thought it's a good time to join the hype for this new restaurant. And it was a perfect time. The restaurant was full at that time, and even it was not the dinner time yet! The owner (I think) informed the waitress to ask one of the table to split their table. Whew i did not mind to wait a while, but he seemed to rushing every customer to have seated right after arrived.

I, as usual, not a Ramen lover. Never been one. So I opted for a Yakiniku hotplate, 34K and a bowl of rice, 10K. That was a pricey bowl of rice.

As for Mr Chubby, he chose a Special Pork Ramen, 38K.

The ramen looked ordinary right? So I have no expectation on this. I looked at the broth, it was really thick and tempting. And it was wayyyy beyond my expectation. Went to food coma after this. The broth was really rich, I read they cooked the broth for 2 days. The pork was melted in your mouth. And the egg...perfect! Now i know why there's a hype for this.

It was that good, that I asked Mr Chubby to switch, and he's okay with that. One of the reason I love him <3 Thank you love :)

We were also given a bowl of fresh garlic and a bowl of chunky egg. You don't need anything actually, it was already has its way through your taste bud. But I, as a garlic and spicy lover, crushed a few garlic and put some chili on it. The chili was really spicy and the garlic enriched the ramen into something that again, too good to be true.

As for the Yakiniku, it was good but hence the ramen glory, it was tasted less exciting than the other dish.

My only comment would be....the crowd? And i am not talking about the crowd of customer. They have lots, really a lot of waitresses. Approx. 30 persons i think.

The kitchen was full with people, so does the stair. I understand the redundant in few aspects (12 toilet paper rolls holder in the toilet and 3 soap holders on the sink) but really this much? Most of them were doing nothing. I don't know, maybe the owner put it as for the efficiency value?

Nonetheless, I definitely will be back for ramen that good!
Well, it was that good that i return back for lunch the day after :p I went there with a few friends so i had the opportunity to try the other ramen yum yum..

The Spicy Pork Ramen was not spicy, and it has a little hint of curry on it.

The Chicken Ramen was also good.

We also ordered gyoza. It was different than other gyoza I ever had. The gyoza skin was thinner, and the meat was really juicy.

I think my favorite combo are the Special Pork Ramen and gyoza yummm..

Btw this was the picture from toilet :p

Cute eh?

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