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Sunday, August 28, 2011


I have been reading good reviews about this restaurant. But since i was not really fond of deep-fried food (exceptionally KFC), plus the expensive price was keeping me away from this place. So last Friday, on our happy long lunch at GI, my friend suggested us this place for lunch. Tempted with 50% discount from a credit card, we all agreed with him.

We were given a bowl of sesame seeds and we were supposed to crushed the seeds and mixed it with their special sauce. There's also 2 types of salad dressings provided. The sweet sour and salty sauce.

There were 4 of us, we chose 2 sets to share among us. Chicken Cutlet Nabe-set, 160K. All the set was consisting of cutlet, soup (miso / pork), rice, salad and pickles. The chicken was tender, and the egg was nice.

Silly me, I ordered two nabe-set, I should ordered more deep-fried proven dish! This one was Pork Cutlet Nabe-set, 185K. To be honest it's kinda remind me of my mom's steamed pork with egg. Except my mom's better :P

We also had Chawan Mushi, 25K to share. It was smooth but a bit bland.

We also ordered Agedashi Tofu, 25K. Tasted okay.

The only thing that mocking my mind was we found the service was unfriendly and slightly slow. Plus we find a bug on our pickles.

To be honest, despite my wrong order, I still haven't changed my mind about cutlets. And for that kind of price (35K for 2 bowl of rice?) and the result tasted, I'd prefer to spend the money for another worth tummy experience.
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