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Sunday, August 28, 2011

.Sand's : Revisited.

I just browsed to my photo archive, and I realized I visited this place few weeks ago. I just want to share the pictures :) Sorry for some blurry images or false WB........too busy munching :P
Started with some snack...
And of course, the mushroom and egg soup. A bowl was perfect for warming up your appetite!
As for the boys, they should filled up for some carbs. The fried rice with egg and chicken..
Mr Chubby chose fried noodle. I like their fried noodle, not too oily and tasted good.
One of my favorite from Sand's. Steamed Chicken Skin in Thai Sauce. It's sour, spicy and sweet at the same time :)
The seaweed with sesame and spicy sauce was one of my favorite too... it's refreshing, light and tempting my taste bud :P
Phi Tan egg....hmm not my kind of food :P
Chicken's Feet in preserved sauce............ I did not eat this.
But this, I totally snacked at least 3 plates of this. It's my no 1 on what-to-eat list at Sands' now :P I was prepared myself for at least 4 plates, but our seat was kinda not strategic for attacking the dim sum stall :(
Chicken with Cucumber and Carrots and Sesame in some spicy sauce. I ate sweet and spicy dish a lot yeah...
Cold Tofu with chili sauce. Most of my friends did not like it, I happily finished it off the plate :)
Siu May! I love their version, it's plump and juicy, plus they put some tobiko (Thank God it's not crab roe) on top of it, not just some carrot chops :)
This one was Yam filled Dumpling, I guess. It's Mr Chubby favorite and he ate all this 3 pieces, and felt extremely full afterward.
Chicken Meatballs with sauce. I like it, but I forgot what's the sauce, I think Black Pepper sauce?
Fried Tofu with sweet and spicy sauce. Forgot how it tasted.
Chicken in Mango Sauce. I like the sauce better than the chicken.
What is Yum Cha without some Ha Kau and Bak Pau? The Bak Pau tasted average but the Ha Kau was good, the skin was thin and there were three big plump juicy prawn in each of it!
And Man Tau! You can not had Yum Cha without dipping this onto condensed milk!
The Pandan Pau was another favorite of crowd, the kaya was not overly sweet and the bun was fluffy. There's another version of sweet pau that I would like to try, but again, the seat was not strategic :(The Sesame-coated Glutinous ball with black paste filling was also had their crowd moment. I did not taste it, forgot why :(
My Ice Tea..............
What could be better for finishing off the Yum Cha than a Tan Tart?
or Jelly?
or Mixed Jelly with Fruits? :)
Although I think we scored much more on the previous visit, but it still a fun experience :) The Dim Sum cart was far away from our table, but the prepared staff already managed to put each PIC staff on that kind of table so we still can order many menu :)

Btw, I am thinking for adding a new camera in my collection, preferably light-weighted and fast-focusing lens. The problem with pocket camera is the shutter speed........I am thinking about Olympus Pen technology right now. Well, we'll see :)

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