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Thursday, August 04, 2011

.Homemade Bakery.

I used to buy their whole wheat bread... I think they put reasonable price for their bread. So last Saturday when I was waiting for a movie, I saw the Homemade crepe and it's only available at EX, I could not said no.

They had few crepe options, from the sweet to the savory one.

I chose the Ham and Cheese 9K as it was my favorite topping. If you think he would put anything on the crepe after i took this shot, you were wrong. It was as plain as in this picture. The crepe maker informed me that the vegetable was not ready yet, but I said it's okay. The only difference maybe the chili sauce he put after this. He put it a lot.

See the result? The crepe itself was not satisfying. But i thought the worst was the service.

When i said it's okay for no vegetable, the crepe man said okay but he did not doing anything. He even started to play and hug with a girl. I was like 'heh?' but i was busy with the other weirdness. The cashier girl. I think she had some difficulties when inputting my order. But instead of informed to wait, she just left me by the cashier. And she's not coming back. She seemed like having a fun conversation with the other waitress. And forgetting me?

Mr Chubby even wanted to cancel our order, but one of the waitress seemed like knowing our situation and take over the cashier. It's really not cool to leave your customer by the cashier!

I think the problem was there's no supervisor by the time. In the outlet near my home, I always found a supervisor or manager to keep things run well. So dear the Homemade Bakery owner, if you read my post, put a man on the EX outlet please.....
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