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Thursday, August 18, 2011

.Let's Meat.

So, last week i was in carnivore mode ON. Something i was not usually doing.

I had a bad day at work, so I asked Mr Chubby for a quick dinner date. So we hunted around Kelapa Gading area, until we saw this restaurant. I remembered they had a promotion on some website, using a voucher of course. Although I was not having their voucher, I thought why not gave it a shot.

The place was kinda small but they tried to decorate it with some vintage posters. They also put a chalk board written with their menu for the sake of art-sy feeling? Well anyway, the TV really distracting for me. But i came here for the food, so that's the point.

I ordered Half Beef Ribs with Barbeque Sauce, 39K. Something I never ordered whole my life. The bbq sauce was really good. The meat was okay, it was not wrapped in too much fat, and cooked medium rare.

Mr Chubby had Local Tenderloin Steak with Mushroom sauce, 36K. The sauce was different than the photo, which was brown and darker. This was more like Carbonara sauce. Tasted too rich for my liking. The meat was okay too, a little bit chewy but it's okay since we ordered tenderloin. The portion was big, I surely could not finish this one if it was my order!

Finish all down with a glass of mint ice tea, 3K.

Overall, the food was okay. But the service was the plus thing, they asked for some feedback and the waitress also understand their menu very well. I should be coming back when I'm craving for some cheap steak! :p
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Fellexandro Ruby said...

It looks like they tried to hard to make it artsy. *memandangi tulisan harga 18k di dalam bintang* --"

SeorangPrempuan said...

huehuehue yoeh tp banyak yang misplaced gt rasanya..... kapurnya mending warna putih aja kali ye..kalok warna warni gini kaya tulisan anak TK :P