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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

.Do - An.

Vietnamese cuisine always has a place in my heart. I did not experience it so much, but so far I always found myself slurping a bowl of pho once in a while, or munching their vegetable rolls. Maybe it's because their cuisine was simple. The broth usually light and clear, but it has a pack of flavor that punch your taste bud! The vegetables, the vietnamese people ate that a lot. And they put it anywhere. In a roll, in the bread, in the noodle soup, you named it, they put it.

Do An was one of the place which served vietnamese cuisine, and I have been meaning to visit this place since a long time ago. Few weeks ago, I saw this restaurant at Artha Gading Mall, but they run out of the bread. Hiks too bad... So we hold our order.

But last week, I was at Kelapa Gading Mall, to my surprise there's also their branch at there. Me and Mr Chubby quickly got us seated in no time.

It was not a dinner time yet, and it's kinda pricey so we chose to order lightly. I was craving for a Banh Mi. I chose the beef, forgot the dish name. I think it cost me about 38K.

The baguette was warm, it was filled with grilled beef, cucumber and carrot chops, and some vinegar. Simple, yet very refreshing. The grilled beef was tender and not chewy. And no fat at all. The vegetable was fresh, but the vinegarwas my favorite. It was slightly spicy, and really good. But silly me, forgot to take another angle to show you the filling. Sorry :p

As for Mr Chubby, he was a beginner in vietnamese cuisine (like I don't ha!), and I was in the mood for pho, so I ordered him a bowl of pho, the meat was shabu2 sliced beef and it also came with few meat balls. The broth was sukiyaki. As usual, I forgot the dish name. It cost me about 42K.

The broth was good, it did not have too much MSG, and tasted meat-y...yummm.. The meat ball was slightly chewy, and the meat was good. The broth was really a winner. My only comment was if only they put more cilantro or lime. Plus, can i have more bean sprouts pleaseee...:p

The funny thing was our drink order. We ordered Lemon and Mint Squash. It came out like this.

Seeing the lychee and lemon grass I thought this was wrong. And I was right. It was Lychee with Lemon Grass Squash. Our waitress then replaced it with this.

Seeing the passion fruit seeds, it's weird for a lemon squash right? Cause it wasn't. It was a Passion Fruit Squash. We asked for another change.

Finally, my Lemon and Mint Squash! Tasted so-so btw.

Overall, I should be back especially for their banh mi! And please, do tell me if you happen to know a good vietnamese restaurant at Jakarta!
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