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Thursday, August 18, 2011

.Meat Bar.

Last week was really filled with meat eating activity. It was friday, which mean the happy long lunch hour. The team and me were at Pasific Place and wandering around for a lunch. The lunch package was tempted us to try. 55K for a sirloin steak with pasta or potato and a glass of drink. Good bargain.

Look at the pillow on our chair! Cute heh?

The place was not big, but they decorated it quite well. The wall was filled with charcoal blocks. And they hang few wine bottles on the roof. Quite good. I start the lunch with a glass of ice tea. You can choose between soda or lemon tea or just ordinary tea like I had.

The salmon was smelled really fishy. I could even smell it from across the table. We had to ask for a wedge of lemon to turn it down. Big portion though. Tasted so-so. But the fries was good.

The mashed potato was bland.

This was my order. Sirloin Steak with Bolognaise pasta, cooked medium rare. And it came slightly undercooked. The center was cooked in perfect pink, although I wish they cut the fat on my steak after the grilling process. Those big white chewy thing on your steak could ruin your appetite!

The barbeque sauce was ordinary, but the bolognaise pasta was good. Cooked al dente, with lots of chunky beef, it's really loaded your stomach with carbs and protein party! :p
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Fellexandro Ruby said...

First time seeing bolognaise on a hotplate. I guess by your review, this place is not worth the travel and the visit, eh?

SeorangPrempuan said...

ya biasa lah fel (bener nga ya panggilan lo ini ahahah) mending nambah dikit ke sapi suci.. :P