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Sunday, April 01, 2012

.Poke Sushi.

So, last month there's another graduation (office version) at Poke Sushi. I already tried them before at Food Lovers, GI and it didn't really impressed me much. Now we headed to their Crown Plaza restaurant for All-you-can-eat with 195K++/pax.

Here's some of the pictures I managed to shot during the battle field :PAhi Poke Roll, it's basically tuna roll with tobiko outside.Fish Dynamite, it was super sour! I only could eat few slices...ewwww..Chawan Mushi was okay for me :)California Roll, ok lah..Crunchy Fresh Water Eel Hand Roll & Crunchy Spicy Salmon Hand Roll, rice + crunchy things...ok lah.Spicy Tuna Tataki, it's surely spicy, a bit dry for me...Fried Chicken, Ok lah..Super Crunchy Roll, okay another crunchy roll, I couldn't taste anything different between all of the crunchy roll -__-"Tempura, I didn't try this.Chef's Special Salmon Salad. I didn't try this, since their salmon sashimi was a bit bland, plus I hate mixing mayo with salmon. The seaweed soup is actually one of the best...it bursts out with umami flavor :)I kept alive during the dinner with this plate, jelly fish hehe.. :PAnd also, Seaweed :PMini Dynamite Roll was everyone's favorite. I think if you're not into anything raw, this could be a good alternative, since it was baked and the mayo didn't overpowering.Another favorite, for me too, was Volcano. It's half baked Salmon with sauce, which I loved. The Salmon cooked to perfection, and again, good for anyone who doesn't fond of raw fish.

Overall, I think one of the main reason I didn't impressed was the crunchy factor. Most of their menus seem named 'crunchy', plus the sashimi section was also didn't make a good performance in our tongue. And with the price bargain, I think I would totally hit other restaurants.

Poke Sushi
Crown Plaza Hotel
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 2-3, Level 3 Jakarta Selatan
Ph : 522 0733

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