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Sunday, April 01, 2012

.White Hunter + Han Gang.

Last weeked, Me and Mr. Chubby was hunger for a good burger, but we were tempted to try outside the usual Carls Jr (Mr. Chubby favorite), Burger King (my favorite), Wendy's or Mcd. Actually that day we were meant to visit Chili's at Sarinah, but after my experience with their HUGE portion, I think we should go with other friends. Too bad my besties wasn't available due to the holiday weekend hiks... So we went to Emporium for fixing our craving at Burger King, until I saw this restaurant.

I browsed through the menu and found they served burger and other western foods, plus they were under the same management with Han Gang and Incognito, so we also can ordered food from them too. White Hunter and Incognito was a bit same for me, mixed between Italian and Western cuisine, but Han Gang was a korean restaurant, so it was a bit weird for me.

But we entered the restaurant anyway. hehe..I ordered the Peach Ice Tea, 25K first since I was so thirsty. It was nice :)Mr Chubby's Lemon Tea, 18 K was okay :)
We meant to order the Spring Enoki (deep-fried Enoki with Mayo) for appetizer but after a patron brought the Fish and Chips to the next table, we switch our appetizer hehe..The Fish and Chips, 45K was huge! The portion was as big as a main course...the fish was tasted a bit bland but the chips made up for it hehe..Mr Chubby ordered a korean dish, Jap Chae, 85K. It's actually one of my favorite korean dish, it's so rare to see him ordering something outside his usual pasta or rice, so sweet hehe...

I thought we won't get any Banchan, so when the banchan plate placed on our table, I was so happy. Each of the banchan was really good! The Jap Chae on the other hand wasn't that good :( It wasn't that light as the usual I had, it was more like lomie noodle and smelled so wok. It's more like a chinese food for me.My order was the Beef and Bacon Burger, 55K. I was gonna ordered the Cheese Burger but the bacon has my name on it. It came on a fancy chop board, the burger was a bit dry, it doesn't held any sauce :( but the bacon was good (bacon, of course...). I wish I ordered the Cheese Burger next time hehe...

Overall, we were stuffed and brought some of the dishes home. Btw, at first we intrigued with discount from a certain credit card if your bill reached a certain amount, but we weren't informed that the discount only applied to food only. So, we need to ordered again to reach that amount (Spring Enoki of course, which btw tasted okay). The lie of marketing no? :|

White Hunter , Incognito & Han Gang
Emporium Pluit Mall
Ground Floor
Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya Blok S-6, Jakarta Utara

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