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Sunday, April 22, 2012

.Jala-Jala : Revisited.

Last friday, as our office was nearby, we went to their newly opened branch at Kuningan City :) I already tried some of their Chinese dishes, and it was loveable. They had 15% discount for their grand opening this week, wooo score :PWe started with dimsum to share, sharing is the key right? :) Chicken Bau,12.8K was immediately ordered by M since the glossy bun was too hard to resist. The bun was good and the filling was right, nyam!I ordered the Fried Radish Cake,12.8K and Seaweed Siomay, 15.5K. Super love the radish cake! It's so hard to find a good one lately, my preferences was the crispy outside but not too mushy and moist on the center, and Jala-Jala version had my dream right :) Their chili sauce was also good to dip your cake, yumm..

Btw, I should take all the pictures before their cut it , sorry -__-"This Cheong Fan with Fried Ca Kwe,12K wasn't in the menu. I was browsing through the Cheong Fan section and searching for this, thank God the manager said it was not available in the menu but they can provide it, nothing beats special menu ;) Sadly this dish has taken me down, the sauce was a bit bland and the ca kwe was very chewy... Big portion though :PM chose the Fried Chicken Katsu Rice, 23.5K. I didn't try it but he said it was so-so.Me and miss F went with the same dish, Baked Rice with Cheese and Beef, 29.5K. It was not too big but easily stuffed me. The cheese was very good, I love the burnt side of course :) The rice itself wasn't bland, it's very fragrant with ginger smell hmm.....you don't need any beef at all actually :P

We were super stuffed and couldn't order any dessert :( I think their dimsum dishes was very cheap, I should be back later..
Went back the next week after hehe.. here's some of the items we ordered..

Chicken Siomay was okay..

Fried Radish Cake with XO Sauce wasn't too amusing for me....the sauce was bland.

Miss F ordered Lamien with Ebi Tempura...it's kinda weird combination for me hehe.. Ebi tempura didn't look like tempure but more like Ebi Furai in Hoka Hoka Bento :P

Cheong Fan 2 Seasons was cheong fan filled with shredded vegetable...

Miss S ordered Roasted Chicken Rice, I didn't taste it, the portion quite small imho..

I ordered the Baked Rice with Cheese and Prawn. And it super lovely! The prawn was succulent, sweet and fresh, yum yum! 

Kuningan City
3rd Floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18

Ph (021) 30480507

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