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Sunday, April 22, 2012

.Do An : Revisited.

Hello! Finally live on blogging world again :) I've been living in a quite hectic schedule for the last few months, so last week I decided to take 2 days of absence. Woohoo! Time to pampering myself with good massage session, good friends and good food of course :)

But first, Mr Chubby kindly following my craving for vietnamese food, so to Do An we went.This is how the waiter preparing the Vietnamese Drip Coffee....I would love to order this, but remembering it's dinner I think it's not a good time for coffee. So I went with this.Minty Lime Squash, 18.5K. Super sour and I loved the touch of lemon grass! :)For appetizer, we had Goi Bo Coun, 26K. It's a rice paper roll filled with beef, vermicelli, and vegetables, and topped with fried shallots. I love it so much! It's fresh and the beef was very good. The sauce also compliments this dish well, it's a perfect appetizer for me :)Mr Chubby went for Hu Tieu Xao, 29.5K. It's a stir-fried vietnamese rice noodle. It's kinda reminded me of Pad Thai, except there are no crushed peanuts and other condiments. It tasted good though :)I went for Banh Mi, but instead of the usual beef, I ordered the Banh Mi Ga, 35K. It's filled with grilled chicken, vegetables and liver pate. See the pate? Although I rarely eat organs, but I found the pate was tasty, a bit too spicy for me, but indeed a good dish.

We didn't order any pho, but on a cold day like this, I would some pho... later I guess ;)

Do An Vietnamese Experience
Kelapa Gading Mall 3, LG Fl
Phone: (021) 4585-3609
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok M, Jakarta

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