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Sunday, April 08, 2012

.Nuzzy's Mousse & Resto.

Last friday me and my sister was wandering around Central Park and I suggested Nuzzy's for dinner. The place has interesting interior with weird case of wine bottles filled with flower..eccentric I would say :)I started with Iced Peach Tea, 18.5K. Funny, they cut the peach into very small bites, it's easier to eat for me :)My sister was in major hungry so she just ordered the first recommended menu by the waitress (and the most expensive menu, of course -__-), Jim's Special Pasta with Dori, 69K. Sorry for the weird angle, I only had one chance to shoot her pasta. It tasted nice for me, Dori needs more improvement though. It's not to fresh and bland for me. I was still craving for a good cheese burger, so I ordered the Cheese Burger, 45K. We can choose the bun between the green (made from Spinach), red (made from Red Beet), or black (made from Squid Ink). I was intrigued, so I tried the black one. It came in a huge plate with a beautiful looking black bun holding the beef patty, and a generous amount of french fries. I love the bun so much, it tasted rich, a bit sweet and paired well with the sauce. The patty was kinda dry for me, but not as dry as White Hunter's version so it's okay for me. The salad was also good, too bad the fries was a bit bland for me :( It's a nice cheese burger though :)We were planning to have dessert on other place (hint : Bubble Tea ;P ),so we only ordered a cup of Rose Lemon Tea , 18.5K to finish the meal. Look how cute is the glass!Btw, their logo also cute hehe...

Overall, although the service wasn't really friendly but I think this place ambience was warming, and the drink (beer was cheap!) wasn't expensive, so I think it's gonna be a good place to hang out next time :)

Nuzzy’s Mousse & Resto
Tribeca Park GF#15
Central Park Mall, Jakarta
RSVP : 021 8383 8201

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