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Sunday, April 08, 2012


So, last week there's another graduation from our office, this time the event was held at Piscator. I've been meaning to visit this place a while ago, but eventhough the place was just across our office, the traffic wasn't inviting anyone to go there :(
They offered buffet for lunch (129K++) and dinner (149K++). They had many sections, I remember they had Porridge and Soup, Shabu2, Grill, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Oden, Sushi and Sashimi, Main Course, Salad, and the last one is Dessert and Fruit. The buffet was filled with of course, their specialty, seafood dish but with korean influence so you will find several variety of kimchi, korean pancakes, jab chae, etc.

Let the pictures walk us, shall we? :)It's my first plate, consisted with Salted Egg Prawn (super loved but it's cold, too bad), Tataki something (bland), Seafood Gratin -- the clam shell with yellow pudding-- (another yumminess), Korean pancake (okay), Potato Wedges (nicely seasoned), Kimchi (love!) and fresh Oyster. It's the first time I had fresh oyster, I think I like it but I don't think I could eat that much since it could easily make me nauseous with the slippery texture, no matter how I loved the taste. A hint of lemon really helpful though :)My friend's first plate...woo tempting :P It consisted with Cockles in some sauce (like in Banchan, it tasted okay), Sushi (okay lah..), Seafood Gratin (love as before), Crab in Black Pepper sauce (a bit small size, but love the subtle black pepper taste!), and Razor Clam in garlic sauce (another major love).
My second plate, fresh Oyster (challenge myself once more :P), Cockles, Spaghetti (okay), Jab Chae (okay), Jellyfish (super sour,...weird -__-), Egg omellete (okay),Crab stick with Kimchi (major love!) and Tortilla Roll (not good :( )...my favorite was the crab stick, I never know it would be that good paired with kimchi!Grilling section also tempting..I ordered this for our table, but ended finishing it alone :P Grilled Chicken (super spicy!), Octopus (err...disappear quickly from the plate), Razor Clam (like it), Beef (super love!). The beef was very good, it's tender and juicy, and eventhough the grilling section was very busy and that means the grilling wasn't that good, they marinated all of the meats very well, so it's forgivable for me mwahahhah!
Another plate arrived, consisted with Snow Mussel Clam (not so fresh, yuck!), Jumbo Clam (I don't know the name actually, but it's very jumbo, tasted wise), and behind it was the Mussel Shell (minus the shell, it's looked like scallop but not as sweet as scallop, still good btw!), Thin-sliced Beef Ribs (one of my favorite, you only need hand to eat the meat from the ribs), and Beef slices as usual. Nyam!Their Teppanyaki wasn't that good, the meat was very chewy :( The Tempura and Oden section also wasn't that good :(Third plate (I think :P), consisted with a small plate of Snail salad (I much prefer snail without mayo, but it's okay), Crab stick with Kimchi (as usual :P), Inari Sushi (sweet as expected), another Sushi I forgot, and Razor Clam. I ate Razor Clam so much that night! Also tried the Abalone Porridge, bland. meh.Fourth plate, consisted with a fried ball (forgot the taste and the name), Garlic Bread (okay), Jab Chae (because I can't leave without another portion of Jab Chae), Potato Wedges, and Chawan Mushi (a bit runny but quite good). I was so stuffed at this point.But managed to finish 2 bowl of this, Chocolate Milk with Jelly and a shot of some-milky Pudding. Because dessert is on different stomach than other dish.............Also a bowl of ice cream.And a plate of mini cakes and Dragon fruit. The cake was suprisingly good :)My only comment would be the absent of scallop from the bar (hiks, maybe on the other occasion) and they only served lychee syrup and water for the drinks. Other than that, I would say it's my favorite buffet so far since I found most of the dishes was very good and of course, it's a seafood buffet, what's not to love for me ;)

Piscator Seafood Buffet
Epicentrum Walk GF
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan 12960
(0)21 5610 0100


anakjajan said...

piscator also one of my fav buffet, hanya saja lokasinya yg memalaskan >_<

SeorangPrempuan said...

iye padahal cm seberang daerah kantor gue...cm kok mikirin macetnya grrrr... T^T

gue malah mulai berpikir untuk parkir d sentra mulia and nyebrang jalan kaki kl laen kali gue mau ke epicentrum haha

irene said...

OMG enak banget makanannya ini.....jauh tapi huh.ga perna liat buffet yg include korean menus sebelumnya! :)

SeorangPrempuan said...

kalo mau coba kesana, hayuk deh gue mau kesana lagi :P pulang ke indo dlu sini... :P