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Sunday, April 29, 2012

.Ippeke Komachi.

It's my first time visiting this place, because Mr Chubby wasn't too fond of Japanese food :P But that day I was in so much craving for some sushi, so I dragged him there hehe..
The place was quite big, they just had renovation so everything's seem new for me. We were seated at the sushi bar area so we only need to take our dish from the flowing bar in front of us. One of the chef was kinda cute, he's like Edison Chen a bit :p Service was kinda rushing, the waitress didn't inform us the plate price list order, until we found out when the bill comes. Here it is. 
Red - 10.8K++
Blue - 13.9K++
Green - 16.9K++
Dark Green - forget, 20K++ something 
 The condiments was placed between each 2 persons, and I love the pickled ginger! I rarely found nice pickled ginger, usually if it's not bland then it's too sour. This one has the right sourness, perfect for a palate cleanser.
Started with Aburi Salmon and Chuka Kurage (Jellyfish Sushi). The half baked salmon was sweet and the mayo didn't overpowering the fish. The Chuka Kurage was lovely :)
Blow torching the salmon yum..
 Next, California Roll. Another my long-time favorite hehe..It's fresh and decent.
It's Mr Chubby's favorite, Inari. Well, anything sweet and containing tofu, he liked!
Also my long-time favorite, Chuka Wakame. Fresh!
We also took Unagi Roll from the bar. It tasted so-so lah.
 I also took the Salmon Sashimi, and it was sweet and fresh! A bit thinner than I hoped but with the price tag you can't ask much.
Mr Chubby as a big eater, has to order something more fulfilling, like this Oyakodon, 40K. It was delicious! I love the chicken and egg combination :D
I also ordered an Katsuboshi Onigiri, 9K. It was a bit bland.
For dessert I had the Matcha Anmitsu, 18K. I was hoping for some mochi in it, but it's only filled with fruits and jellies, and then topped with Matcha ice cream and a dollop of red bean paste on the side. I think the matcha wasn't very subtle which kinda suit Mr Chubby's tastebud. I love the jelly and the red bean more than the ice cream.
Btw, Ocha was free! :D 

I think they served good japanese food with cheap price, I should be back especially when I heard their Takoyaki also good :D

Ippeke Komachi
Mall Kelapa Gading III Lantai GF Blok G Unit 38A
Jl. Bulevar Kelapa Gading Blok M Kelapa Gading Permai
Kelapa Gading

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