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Sunday, April 22, 2012


After the big lunch, we went to Lotte Mart for some shopping and finally found this stall.
I love their logo! Very europe-an although they were from Taiwan. The menu was slightly fewer than Chatime, but their topping was very much different with Chatime. I only remembered they had Big Bubble, Rose Bubble, Small Bubble, Lychee Jelly, Mango Pudding, Egg Pudding, Aloe Vera, Red Bean, etc. They also provided customizable option for ice amount (less-ordinary-more)and the sugar amount (less-ordinary-more)

I was curious about their specialty drink, Calais Signature Rock a Salt. The waitress said it was basically tea with cream infused with salt, CMIIW. After browsing about them, I also know they love to put special message on the cup. Although it wasn't a busy day, too bad I didn't get any message on my cup hiks
I wasn't so adventurous that day, so I ordered my usual Roasted Milk Tea with Big Bubble (Regular 19.5K). To my surprise, it was very similar with Chatime. The bubble wasn't too good, since it's very chewy in the middle and soft outside. Although I ordered the less sugar version, it was still super sweet for me. Maybe next time I asked for super less sugar hehe..

My friend ordered their Yoghurt Oolong Tea with Yogurt Bubba (Regular 21K), the tea was very good and the bubba, it wasn't on their menu yet, but I should order it next time! It was similar with the bubble I had at the Alex's with texture like tobiko that burst out in your mouth, but instead of the ordinary syrup, Calais version had yogurt in it. It was a serious topping my friend.

I am craving for that bubba right now...hmmm..

Calais Bubble Tea & Coffee
Kuningan City
LG Floor, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18

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