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Sunday, December 11, 2011

.Service Matter.

It's disappointing to see the food service quality nowadays. Some said, price equal with the service. Mostly did. Some didn't. Since I am working in service industry, I usually really put service on top of everything when visiting a restaurant. Sometimes even on top of the food itself.

I remembered in the old days when a bowl of ordinary soto came with a smile from a woman who made it. There's another soto vendor near that stall, but I keep coming to that woman. It's about the warmness of the service that keep me visiting that stall.

But people were going stiffer and stiffer. Nowadays, you can even sit on the hippest restaurant at the fanciest building at Jakarta, and you can't get your simple request (ex napkins) even done. And you got to pay 10-15% tax for that kind of service, funny right?

Last friday I encountered some unfriendly service, this time from Pan-Ya at FX Mall. It's a fancy bakery (which usually sold their bread minimum 8K) and it's a shame to find out many flies were flying and sitting on top of their breads. Me and my friends were asking (fyi, nicely) to the cashier girl that there's no one on the bread shelf and there's a lot of flies flying. She just answered 'oh the flies came from the lower ground.' and she did not respond anything else, like we were not saying anything. Heh? I don't care where the hell that flies coming from, but please for the sake of many people's health, please do care about your store cleanliness!

Is it just me who's finding service nowadays really annoying?

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