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Saturday, November 05, 2011


First time I saw this stall was at Living World Alam Sutera, but I was too full after lunch, too bad :( So last weekend when I was at Artha Gading Mall, I found they just opened their stall there, I could not resist to not ordering one.

Judging from the long list menu, they served various drinks, from coffee, tea, milk, to juice. And you can customize all you want, how many sugar you want, or add some extra bubble, grass jelly, or pudding. They also served several drinks I would like to try like kumquat juice or genmaicha. But the idea of bubble tea that wins me over. So I ordered their Special Brewed Milk Tea with extra bubble, large 24K. Unfortunately they were running out of bubble. So I switched it with grass jelly instead.

See the detailed label? It's a good way to manage customer's orders I think. My drink was delightful, the jelly was smooth, the tea was okay but the milk was the winner. It's really rich, it's kinda reminding me of the full cream milk I'd like to drink when I was a little. Kinda reminds me of soy milk too. It's totally different than the other vendor at the mall. Love it!

Btw, they have cute logo hehe..

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Fellexandro Ruby said...

Gotta try this soon, everyone's talking about it, but I just can't handle the queue. *sigh*

SeorangPrempuan said...

seriously good, gue besoknya coba Quickly untuk membandingkan (uda lupa rasanya setelah beberapa taon nga minum bubble tea) definitely Chatime is the winner!