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Sunday, November 27, 2011

.Grand Brilliant Palace.

Few weeks ago, on one Friday, me and the team went for a feast at Grand Brilliant Palace.
They offered all-you-can-eat buffet for 48K++. We were arrived quite early that time, we were the first customer to be seated. The restaurant interior was really old fashioned, with several Chinese paintings hanging on the wall and wooden interior. The buffet area was consisted of 4 tables; the first was for soup, porridge and their condiments, the second was for main dishes trays (chicken, pork, mussel, etc.), the third was for requested hot dishes (noodle, pan-fry dumpling, etc) and the last was for the dessert selection.

Beside the main course, the buffet also consisted with dimsum. Too bad, dimsum was not ready yet at that time.

We started with several dishes from main dishes tray. They provided 15-20 main dishes.

This is my first plate. What I only remembered was the pig's ears. It was still crunchy and nice taste.
My friend even took one plate full only for that glorious ears.My second plate, I though it was chicken but I am wrong. It's duck. Not a fan, sorry. The mussel was quite good, but the hero of this plate was the Fried Spring Roll, it was crispy and has a perfect thickness to hold the filling, which is vermicelli, mushroom, chicken and prawn.
Btw, they also had this Steamed Fish with Pear. Quite a weird combination, usually we had chicken for this kind of dish, plus the pear? It was not too medicine-y, thank God. I still prefer steamed fish in ginger than this. My friend who love anything with Chinese herbs, finish this without any hesitation :P
Soup and porridge section, quite ordinary.

Move to the hot dishes section, The Tom Yam noodle looked quite promising. Too bad, it was not as good as it looks. It was tasted............hmm bland? Even Mr Chubby could not finished this.
Pan fried dumplings tasted okay.
Radish Cake was good though slightly mushy. Still, it's rare to find these white plain cake tasted good :)
Next, the dessert section. The grass jelly also not as firm as I hope :(
The same thing also happen to Agar-Agar.
I never found failed Fried Mantau. I found it that day :( The dough was quite hard and it's even hard to chew the bread :(
Their Onde-Onde was good. I think it was the most enjoyable dish of that night for me. I ate 4 or 5 of them :P The egg tart was...well ordinary. The skin was too thick but the custard was nice.
At around ten o'clock, the dimsum arrived (finally!). We can't choose the dimsum, they only gave us 3 dimsum dishes. Fung Zhau was ordinary.
I was too full to try the siomay. But the Pau was good, it has the same filling with Onde-Onde. Overall, I was not really remembered what I had that day, don't know why. Maybe I was not really impressed?

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