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Sunday, November 27, 2011

.Taiwan Dian Xin.

I have passed this place a few times, but it never tempted me for try, since the menu was consisted with fried snack stuffs. But after reading Anak Jajan's review about them, I found they served Bubble Tea. If you know me, I was in the mood for Bubble Tea lately :P I haven't found any rival for Chatime :P

So that Saturday, me and Mr Chubby went there for trying their Bubble Tea. We were given with Osmantus Tea with Honey sample, it was good! The tea was really enjoyable,but less honey would bring the tea flavor more I guess. The service was good, the waitress even gave us try several sample of their tea :)
I stick with the Black Milk Tea with Pearl, or Bubble, you named it. The tea was good, but the milk...hmmm it's like a mixture of soy milk and ice cream. Do I like it? Definitely not. The bubble also not as chewy as I usually had with other bubble tea. It's benyek2 -__- And with the same price with Chatime's Large Cup, I even preferred my old Quickly over this.

Btw, at my last attempt with Chatime, I chose the 30% and it's need a wee bit more sugar than that. So at Dian Xin, I chose the 50% sugar and it was sickly sweet -___-" if you are not a fan of sugary drinks like me, I think you should chose the 30% at Dian Xin. And the next day I went to Chatime and ordering 50% with a comment ('can I had the 40% sugar?') and thank God it came right with my taste bud! :P I love this new method of ordering bubble tea :D

Overall , I think I should stick with the Osmanthus tea or Oolong tea at Dian Xin next time!

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