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Sunday, November 27, 2011

.Hari Hari.

Last friday, after being recommended by our PM's hubby, we went to Hari-Hari at Wahid Hasyim Street. It was located in a small alley, it's kinda hard to recognize.

The humble stall might have tricked you, but when we enjoyed our lunch, new customer always come to eat.

We started with some Bakso Goreng, each 6K. We were lucky to have this, since it's easily sold out, and we know why it's easily sold out. It's crunchy with plump innards, an example of a good Bakso Goreng. They also provided 3 different sauce to dip, all of them was good :D

I won't get bored to tell you that it's hard to find pork on South Jakarta. And to my surprise, they had it. Babi Goreng Mentega, 45K was slightly pricey, but it was worth with every rupiah. The batter did not overpowering the meat and those sauce...yummm...

Another rare discovery, Steamed Chicken in Chinese Herbs, 16K. It was really a delightful dish, not to medicine-y with tasty broth to gulp down!

Capcay, 35K came in a big portion, refreshing :D

Lindung Cah Fumak, 45K was not as good as I expected. The eel (unagi) was not as crunchy as I hoped, but the fumak was good :D

And Cukiok, 35K came the last. It was really good, the meat was really smooth and easily deboned, yum yum!

Finished it all with a plate of Hainam Rice, 6K. Those fried garlic was really addictive!

And a glass of Soy Milk, 3K.

Definitely recommended for those who loved old Chinese dishes! Plus, they have free wifi hehe...

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