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Saturday, November 05, 2011


As always like I said, I am not really fond of Nasi Padang. So when that day our team headed to Garuda for lunch, I was less excited than others. We were served with beautiful arrays of dishes on our table. In this kind of service, you had to use tactic. I preferred to share dishes with others so you can try more. If you like one dish but no one like that, make sure you can finish it, because they charged the dish even if you only took a spoon out of it. And boy, the price was not cheap.

See the small plate with few fishes? It's billis fish and one plate cost 25K.

I always asked for Ayam Pop, 15 K when I was at Padang restaurant. Garuda's version was quite good as I remembered, although the chili sauce was weird for my liking.

And when I saw this plate, I could not even bother to say no. Yummm.. It's hard to find jengkol at Jakarta nowadays. Cost 16,5K. The jengkol was not as firm as I expected but the sauce...hmmm heaven.

Overall, I think it's a good place to eat in big group hence the dishes varieties but make sure you don't go laper mata and try all the plates if you don't wanna cry when the bill comes :p
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