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Sunday, November 20, 2011

.The Harvest : Revisited.

Birthday = Cake time! :D

Generally, I am not a cake lover. When it's time for dessert, I prefer ice cream or pudding over a cake. So, a friend's birthday is the only time for me to pay attention for cake. This time I choose The Harvest. After few attempts with chocolate indulgence, this time I try to keep it balanced with ordering Cookies and Cream.
Sorry for the messy picture, but I wanna show you the cake innards. Beautiful combination of cream and chocolate, and those chocolate balls is amazing!
Btw I also managed to order a Square Bees. It looked like beef somehow for me, but actually it's a mixed of almond, honey, and some orange jam? Can't say I enjoy eating this. Weird.
I forgot why did I take the Peach Danish again after the not so good last attempt. I haven't changed my mind about this.

Overall, I think I should stick with the chocolate product from them :)

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