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Sunday, November 20, 2011

.Prince Waffle.

Few weeks ago after a long day at work, I asked Mr Chubby for a quick dinner date. I thought some good waffles would be good, so we headed to Prince Waffle.

I was not too hungry that time, so I only ordered Tomato Soup. I forgot the price, I think it's 18K. It was quite good, more broth would be better. Macaroni, Carrot, Pea, Potato..what not to love? My kind of comfort food.

And more bread to dip onto the soup. Classic Bruschetta, 15K was a bit pricey, tasted okay. I was too full to dessert after this hiks.

But I managed to stole few bites from Mr Chubby's Almond and White Chocolate Waffle, 8K. Seriously good, it's warm, crispy on the edge, and fluffy center. The almond gave a nice touch of crunchiness and the white chocolate sauce wrap the combination well. I love it!

I think they served good waffle and the other dish was quite good with reasonable price. Definitely would pay another visit!
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