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Sunday, November 20, 2011

.Koi Teppanyaki.

Bean Sprout. Koi Teppanyaki always reminds me of bean sprout. Their stall always get people attention in any food court because the teppan smell, and the price was quite reasonable. That day, I was on a group of 3 for lunch.

Miss J ordered a Sirloin Shabu-Shabu set, 40K consisting of a plate of sliced beef, a bowl of rice, and a big plate of vegetable. Extra Chicken Dumpling and Tofu of course! :D
Looking plain eh? A bit plain for me, not for her :P
As for her boy, mr L opted for Beef Teriyaki Set, 33K. Hmmm bean sprout..........
Bean sprout in teppan..........
Btw, their tea was cheap, only 5K and guess what? They used Dilmah! Quite shocking hence the usual price I had to pay for a cup of Dilmah tea out there...
And as for me, I chose the 3 Grilled Meat set for 32K. There are few choices between Chicken, Beef, Prawn, Gindara, and Squid. I choose the Beef, Squid and Gindara. All of them was good :) If only I could switched the salad with bean sprout... :P

Overall, it's a nice place to eat if you are craving for some teppanyaki :)


Agni Giani said...

5k for dilmah tea is surprising. all food looks yummy.... *need to visit this place*

0880alice said...

It all look so nice:) Your blog is really good! Visit also my blog about food and cooking :)) thanx


SeorangPrempuan said...

@agni : iya murah banget yahhh! :D
@alice : thank you for visiting :)