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Sunday, November 06, 2011


It's the first time I visit this restaurant. I have heard their famous durian pancake, so when I heard my friend was having a birthday celebration there, I was more than happy :D I let my friend took charge of the orders so pardon me for not knowing the dish name :P
We started with some Fung Zau....tasted kinda ordinary :(

The weird thing was the main course came together with our dimsum order.. so it's kinda confusing what to choose :P
Noodle for the birthday girl :) Tasted really good, not too oily with enough chili to kick your appetite..
The Xiao Long Bau came next, I was hoping this would be a knock out. Too bad it wasn't. There wasn't enough broth in that little pocket and the meat tasted ordinary.
I only had a piece of Sweet and Sour Fish, tasted okay although not wow-ing me much.
The Steamed Chicken was came in huge portion, and the moistness of the meat was really great paired with the sauce...hmmm :) The best dish in my opinion.
Next come the ha kau, I can't find any sweetness of the prawn behind those silky skin :(
The Grilled Chicken was too dry for me, but the crispy skin was surely addictive!
Need some veggies to balance the meat right? Bean Sprout dish was my favorite :)
They also served Portugese Egg Tart, not the best custard I ever had, but the crackling caramel help this dish a lot :)
And of course, the Durian Pancake.................
See how thick the durian flesh in it? I preferred the actual durian out of its shell, but pancake was still a nice variation though :P
See that fat and creamy butt filled with durian? :P
Ended the feast with a Black Forrest Cake from Miki Ojisan No Mise, yum..........
it's moist, chocolate-y, and not too overly sweet. Miki Ojisan No Mise has always been my favorite for their Cheese Cake but you can't not paying any attention for their other cakes :)

Overall, I think the dimsum menu were misses many points but the some of the main courses were hits, and that pancake........... yummm...Definitely calling me from inside the restaurant from now... :P

Happy birthday Amei, may you have one blessed year ahead! :D

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