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Sunday, December 04, 2011


So, the next day after Apollo failed to impress me, I went to Gading area for some hainam rice hunting :P Mr Chubby suggesting me to try ACC, located at Gading Boulevard, they claimed their specialty is Chasio Garing Madu. The same as Kacamata.

Nasi Hainam Campur, 50K. I was shocked when the plate came, it was HUGE! I could not even finished it alone, I think it's meant to be shared between 2 persons. The rice was also served generous, twice bigger than the ordinary serving I had, so no need to order extra rice like usual too :P Despite the huge portion, the hainam rice was not really wow-ing. Even Apollo's version was better, but still the huge portion point win my heart easily :P

The broth was filled with Sayur Asin, one of my dislike food items, so Mr Chubby finished it all with happiness :D

The meat plate..hmm what can I say. It's a dry type version, they did not have any broth beneath the meat (which I loved, hiks) but I can say all the meat was good!

Pork Belly - crackling skin with minimum fat, what not to love?
Ordinary Cha Siu - tender with no fat at all!
Cha Siu Garing Madu - a bit too sweet for me, but still a good cha siu!
Pork Satay - I love how their satay has fat on them, it's juicier after the grilling process!
Lap Cheong - thicker cut pleaseeee...
Steamed Chicken - hiks they only put 2 pieces of my favorite dish on the plate, It was good though :)
Duck - I am not a fan of duck, but I love how they cooked the duck, it's not too dry and I couldn't smell anything (I have weird issue with duck smell, I know)!
Egg - tasted fine.
Cu Kiok - I saved the winner for the last, it was incredibly good, it might be looked ordinary and dry. But the look might be deceiving, it was smooth, sweet, with the right amount of fat and skin, and guess what, it has NO bone! It was a serious big chunk of meat hehe!

I love how they cooked most of the meat soft-pink inside, it's juicier you know :P
Finished it up with Susu Kacang, 7K which kinda watery and weird because they are using sugar in sand form instead of liquid form -__-

Overall, I think it's a good place if you are in carnivore mode ON and the price was really reasonable with the generous portion. I would love to paired Kacamata's rice with ACC's meat haha!

Btw, I found Hakata Ikkousha will be opening at Gading area soon! :D

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