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Sunday, December 18, 2011

.Kantin Moko.

Lately, my favorite destination for lunch is Kantin Moko. Located at the basement of Tempo building, Rasuna Said, they served homemade meal with many varities. I love their meal, it's so simple, hearty and cheap of course :P Last week, I had lunch there everyday :P

Day #1. Black Sticky Rice Pudding, Banana, and 2 Combro (I don't know what this is in English), 10K. Can you believe it? whew~! The pudding, hm.... it's not watery (like the one sold on the street) and the salty coconut milk gave a really nice combination :) I love their combro so much, it's not too spicy, crispy and the innards was fantastic!

Day #2. Sorry for the bad quality image :P Smoked Beef Omelette, Macaroni Schotel, and again, Combro, 16.5K. That day I already told myself to stop eating fried stuff like that, it's hard to resist! That omelette was one of the best omelette I ever had. It's about 10 x 15 cm, and guess what, sometimes when on the menu said smoked beef, it means chopped smoked beef. But these one, hmm a (big) sheet of smoked beef, almost as big as the omelette. Nyam. The egg was sweet, not oily and the vegetable really mixed well in that dish.

The schotel was rather okay for me, so does the combro of course :P

Day #3. Zuppa Soup, Fried Banana and Fresh Papaya, 16.5K. Can you believe they served zuppa soup in that small kitchen? It was good, although served lukewarm, the creamy soup was filled with quite generous amount of chicken, mushroom, potato, etc. I wish they served this again tomorrow hehehe..The fried banana (okay fried stuff again :( ) was no ordinary, it's warm, sweet and the batter was not as thick as I thought. I love how they put attention on the warmness of every dish, especially the fried stuffs hehe..

Day #4, Ground Beef Omelette, Kailan with Chicken and Mushroom, Lemper (okay, I need translator here), and Fresh Papaya, 14.5 K. The ground beef amount was generous inside the omelette, tasted good although slightly dry. Thank God for the vegetable, it was good, I especially love the mushroom :) and the Lemper....

It was huge! Tasted good of course! :D

Btw, if you realize from all my lunch photos, I barely eat rice. I don't know why I started this habit, I always get stuffed easily and sleepy after eating rice. Sometimes I eat rice on full-week period, sometimes I don't. This week of course the non-rice season :) And my friend was curious how can I still not hungry when I had the non-rice meal (sometimes I do, though) so he tried to following my lunch :P He had Smoked Beef Omelette (no vegetable :( ), Cap Cay, Fried Banana, Mung Bean Porridge, and Thailand Cassava (yes they served this! still can't believe it :P ), 23K. He was stuffed, and got hungry few hours later haha!

Tomorrow I'm gonna hit this place again! Love their menu rotation :P

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irene said...

adoooowww combronya enak banget kayanyaa :9

SeorangPrempuan said...

yoeh..cm 2rebu kalok nga salah. nikmat gendut2 panas gimanaa gitu :P