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Sunday, December 18, 2011

.Deltoro's BBQ Ribs and Steak.

So, after a week full of yummy meal , last Friday me and the team went to GI for a long lunch. We were stumbled upon this place and we put big attention on one thing : 50% discount ALL food and drinks hehe...

The place was quite crowd at the time we arrived although it's early lunch. And the crowd keep coming, maybe because the discount and the amount of people in the restaurant, plus the image of people eating ribs when you're passing by, it's hard to not stopping by, I know. Been there, done that :P

The menu was so simple, I think (CMIIW) it's only about 3 sections. The Spare Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, and Grilled Chicken. The Spare Ribs and Baby Back Ribs has few options between Balinese Style, Honey sauce, and 2 other sauces I forgot. Since the Spare Ribs were sold out, we ordered the Balinese Baby Back Ribs, 92K. We had one choice of side dish, they only had mixed vegetables and french fries, so I chose the french fries.

I counted the people on the restaurant, it's about 25-30 persons. And guess what, they only had 2 waitresses, and 2 chef on the kitchen. And one of the waitress looked pissed off, he started with say no to customer coming in, and then he started to wash the dishes but kinda smashing down all the dishes, I don't know why.

Well, anyway since the restaurant was kinda full, our order came really late, and so did our drinks. But is it worth with the wait? Let's see...First, the portion, there's been inconsistent portion on our table. Second, the ribs, I was wishing for more meat. I had Baby Back Ribs before at other place and none of them was as thin as this. Third, the sauce. Where's the spice in it? I can only taste the sweetness of the sauce. Forth, the service, do I need say more? So I would say, it doesn't worth with the wait.

Btw, I googled it and guess what, I think we don't get the Balinese one :(

I think Warung Ubud's version is MUCH BETTER. The only thing I'm happy about the meal was the discount for almost every credit cards :(

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