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Sunday, December 18, 2011

.Ya Udah Bistro.

After seeing few reviews about this bistro, I was drooling for the garlic bread, so I went there with Mr Chubby. The place was casual, and most of the customers was non Indonesian. The menu was big, with too many choices, hiks.

I ordered the Goulash Soup (standard portion), 28.5K. The portion was generous, served warm, looked tempting but too watery and need more seasoning :( I even put some S&P, some ketchup and some chili sauce on this, hiks :(

Mr Chubby went for more carnivore style, the Meats Eater, 58.5K. It consisted with 3 types of meat, Beef, Chicken (wrapped in bacon), and Pork, with one side dish. We picked French Fries out of Mashed Potato, German Potato, Spaghetti, etc - I forgot hehe.. I would say........... it's not satisfying because 1. I'm not a steak lover. 2. It's watery, not juicy. 3. The butter was weird. Maybe it's a matter of personal choice. Plus, the french fries was cold. Okay not really cold, but warm, like it's warmed on the microwave not the warm when it fried right after you ordered it :( The only thing I could chew happily on that table was the bacon. hmmm :D too bad it's only one piece!

And of course, Garlic Bread, 22.5K. I LOVE IT. It's smeared with golden goodness of garlic (do these words exist? Sorry I don't know how to express these feeling :P ) Totally recommended for a devoted garlic lover like me :P

Btw, the table beside me ordered a spaghetti and boy, that was a huge plate of spaghetti! whew -__- the dishes taste might be hit and miss but I think the generous portion make up for it, might be come back with a larger quantity-lover group!

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