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Sunday, December 11, 2011

.Sate Babi Pasar Lama.

Few weeks ago, after an office sport event at Serpong, me and several work colleagues went to dinner. One of us suggesting Sate Babi Pasar Lama. I never tried them and not fond of satay, but when I heard pork ribs spoken, they had me hehe! :P

I forgot how much each satay costs, I think it's 4K. There are two types of satay, sweet or salty. I can't taste any difference, all pork is good for me :P
We also ordered porridge, it came in a big bowl with a small plate of condiments. More ca kwe please... :P
And these, was the reason. Pork Ribs , around 35-40K for 2 small racks :) good bargain though :)

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