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Sunday, December 11, 2011


After a few trial with other's hainam rice, I'm back to my old favorite, Kacamata. Located nearly from my home, it's kinda hard to resist myself for not having a plate of hainam rice on a windy day like yesterday.

I ordered Hainam Campur, 30K. It was worth with every rupiahs. The rice was as good as I remembered, not too oily and sticky, with nice fragrance. The meat plate was also satisfying, with crunchy Pork Belly, Steamed Chicken, and Cha Siu Garing Madu was the winner. It was more fatty than ACC's version, still I love the smokey meat with enough sweetness to bring out more pork flavor!

And this, is a serious thing. The meat broth. I love how they put in a bowl, not everyone's a fan of pouring the broth (I called it 'wet' type of hainam rice), but me, as a committed lover, more than happy to finish the broth :P It was really good, I could even eat 2 plates of rice only with this broth!

My sister ordered their Special Noodle, 33K and totally satisfied with it. It was smooth, tasty, and the meat...hmmm :D

And what's better to finish the meat feast than a glass of Sarsi Badak, 7K?

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